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Videos & Presentations

Opening statement and introduction

Part I: Technical specifications & Reality Check on the 'Brave New Atomic World'

SMR / 'new' reactor types viewed from different angles - safety, proliferation risks, economics, disposal, feasibility | Matthias Englert, Ökologie Institut Darmstadt

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Licensing of SMR / 'new' reactor types | Friederike Frieß, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences - Institute of Safety and Risk Sciences in Vienna; International Nuclear Risk Assessment Group (INRAG)

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Part II: The driving force behind the 'Brave New Atomic World'. Who is pulling the strings?

Plans for the use of SMR technology in the Czech Republic | Oldřich Sklenář, Climate expert at AMO (Institute for International Affairs) in Prague

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Blunt appropriation of the COP climate conferences by the nuclear lobby | Günter Hermeyer, Uranium Network, Don't Nuke the Climate, longtime observer of COP

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Infrastructure of the 'Clean, Green' Lobby | Christiana Mauro, Expert in civil and EU law, Senior Advisor at the Biosphere Institute Geneva

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Videos also available in German and Czech