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Matthias Englert

Dr Matthias Englert is a research associate at the Department of Nuclear Engineering & Plant Safety at Öko-Institut e.V.. Previously, he was a long-time staff member and scientific coordinator of the Interdisciplinary Working Group on Science, Technology and Safety (IANUS) at TU-Darmstadt, interrupted by a two-year research stay at the Center for International Security and Cooperation (CISAC), Stanford University.

Mr Englert has worked intensively for many years on the state of science and technology of 'advanced' reactor systems and fuel cycles, in particular on safety and proliferation characteristics and on the disposal of radioactive waste.

Topic: SMR / 'New' reactor types viewed from different angles - safety, proliferation risks, economics, disposal, feasibility

Friederike Frieß

Friederike Frieß is a research associate at the Institute for Safety and Risk Sciences at BOKU Vienna. Her research focuses on new reactor technologies and the potential consequences of their use. Her research interests include nuclear waste management, nuclear safety and non-proliferation of fissile materials. In addition to publications in international peer-reviewed journals, she works on scientific reports on nuclear topics for various clients.

Friederike Frieß is a board member of the Research Network on Science, Disarmament and International Security (FONAS) and the International Nuclear Risk Assessment Group (INRAG). She is also the Austrian delegate to the Joint OECD/NEA-IAEA Uranium Group. Friederike Frieß holds a PhD in physics from the Technical University of Darmstadt. She was part of the Interdisciplinary Research Group for Science, Technology and Safety (IANUS) in Darmstadt and already worked on the risks of novel reactors during her PhD.

Topic: Licensing of SMR / 'new' reactor types

Günter Hermeyer

Since the 1980s active, then against the planned nuclear reprocessing plant in Wackersdorf and the nuclear waste repository in Gorleben. Since then, he has been working in many ways to present the overall nuclear picture (uranium mining / land and human rights), which the nuclear industry is only too happy to play down.

Since 2017 / COP 23 in Bonn participation as Senior Campaigner for Don't nuke the Climate!

Topic: Blunt appropriation of the COP climate conferences by the nuclear lobby

Christiana Mauro

Christiana Mauro has expertise in civil rights and EU Law. She is a Senior Advisor at the Biosphere Institute (Geneva) and an independent project leader whose research has focused on regulatory independence.

Originally from Canada, she has worked for over a decade with Brussels-based networks and is a member of the Nuclear Consulting Group and Guta Association of Environmental Law (Budapest). She is the author of investigative reports, legal strategies and policy instruments that promote accountability in decisions affecting the environment. Ms Mauro is developing protocols and projects to mitigate regulatory and legislative interference.

She completed an LLM in Comparative Constitutional Law at Central European University. Her academic background in the Humanities, Social Sciences and Law help to guide her approach to problem-solving, which highlights knowledge gaps and disciplinary blind spots.

Topic: Infrastructure of the 'Clean, Green' Lobby

Oldřich Sklenář

Oldřich Sklenář is a Research Fellow of AMO, where he is a member of the Climate team. He is concerned with energetics and greenhouse gas production.

He graduated in Energy and Process Engineering from Brno University of Technology and Environmental Studies from Masaryk University. He also completed one semester at Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

He started his career in the energy sector as a design engineer. He then continued working for a number of companies and organizations, including NGOs, focusing on renewables and energy management. So far, he has spent most of his career at the position of a manager in the area of development and production of electric machinery. Besides AMO, he also works as a consultant within the Facts on Climate Change project.

Topic: Plans for the use of SMR technology in the Czech Republic