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Brave New Atomic World?

Nuclear Energy Conference 2023

May 16th, 2023
Redoutensäle Linz, Austria

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Once again, the nuclear lobby and its compliant governments are promising great things. This time they want to 'help' in the fight against overheating of the earth and, with enormous advertising effort, present the Small Modular Reactor, SMR for short, as their latest offspring. But when you look at it in the light of day, it's already more than 70 years old - and yet it has never grown up: Intensive research has been going on since the 1950s, and none of the more than 130 different SMR concepts worldwide has even come close to being ready for series production.

NEC 2023, the 10th Nuclear Energy Conference since 2014, aims to uncover from different perspectives: can such 'shrunken' nuclear power plants ever be ready for series production and save the climate? Or is this 'Brave New Atomic World' not rather a pretext of the nuclear lobby to obtain governmental as well as private funding via nuclear contaminated taxonomy regulation? And who is pulling the strings particularly hard - in an attempt to stave off the demise of the nuclear industry?

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The Nuclear Energy Conference 2023 is supported by the Province of Upper Austria.